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Philosophy of handmade Wood Stock Eyewear, established in 2011, is deeply rooted in Nature. Our boutique manufacture is located in the middle of the forest. Surrounded with trees we are creating our unique luxury eyewear pieces. The quintessence of every single one of them reflects our love and understanding of wood. Wood Stock high-quality durable, flexible, and light sunglasses/optical frames are a perfect symbiosis of timeless design and highest technical standard. We are making them fully dedicated, with the certainty that they will withstand many storms of life. Once owning them, you’ll feel the gentle touch of Nature, and you’ll enjoy wearing them every single moment. We stand firmly behind every eyewear piece we create. Your unique vision, full of happiness is our joy and success.
Jaka Jančič, Mr Wood Stock, is the soul of the brand, and Tamara Jančič, Mrs Wood Stock, is the precious heart and muse of the brand. Together we make Wood Stock special.

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