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Let’s have an adventure together

We love good stories. Until now we have made eyewear from backyard trees that have witnessed generations of family histories, from inherited pieces of furniture, from trees that were (not completely) burned in wood fires…

If you have a piece of precious wood that you would like for us to shape into eyewear write to us. Outline your intentions and will get back to you. If the sparks fly we will make it happen.

Personal Styling

We want you to look good. If you would like a special style or measurements of your eyewear write to us. Until now we have created pieces for particular faces, family eyewear collections, some fantastic eccentrically designed pieces, and much more. If you feel inspired let us know and we will get back to you.

If you want custom made eyewear (measurements, wood, lenses, design, etc.) please write to us on:

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