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Mrs. Wood Stock is not only a talented designer and optician; she is also drop down gorgeous. Her sparkly personality shines through her magnificent body and we can assure you, she rarely goes unnoticed. If you wonder how she keep so healthily fit we can tell you that she lives in accordance with her sustainability and ecological principles, hence the food on the table are in large percent healthy crunchy greens from Mr. Wood Stocks garden. Undoubtedly that and long walks in the nature contribute greatly to her attractive physique.

Her luminance did not go unnoticed – she got featured in Playboy Slovenia. Since the photos tell more than a thousand words we invite you to check them out – the photographer Aleš Bravničar, a long year friend of Wood Stock Eyewear, did a fantastic job setting Tamara in an unimpaired nature in Mexico.

Perhaps this helps to understand how passion and beauty is incorporated in Wood Stock Eyewear DNA, Master Craftsman’s muse is simply stunning! Playboy also described Wood Stock Eyewear’s success story and how a married couple with wits, grits, and a lot of passion built a brand that is being recognized even by the biggest celebrities.

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