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Nives Oresnik

Nives Orešnik

Nives Orešnik is an interesting young woman, full of positive energy and a catching smile. Highly professional while working, always giving her best no matter how challenging the working conditions are. She is known for her modelling, photo modelling and working as a personal trainer. She left a mark in many advertising campaigns and was also Miss Slovenia 2012, representing our country at Miss World. Many of you may not know she is also an academic painter, with a strong sense for human. 

"I'm a person who loves to create and think one of the most important things in life is developing many different skills", Nives says. Since she was a little girl she loved to create and at the same time practice sports. Everything she creates fills her with the energy, making feel her worth, successful and self-confident. "Work and creation always made me feel happier than going to parties. Compliments for things I've done have always been worth more than compliments about my beauty". That is the reason why she spent most of her time practicing, painting or playing the guitar. Through sports she takes care about her wellbeing and health, while with art she feeds her inner spirit and takes care about her inner wellbeing. "And we need both in order to be healthy, happy and fulfilled. Combining one with the other it seems logical to me".

She was moving her place of creativity several times. For the Summer it is located in Maribor in her child room. The best part about the present location is the fact she has to switch environments and in this way she can really cut her routine, focusing only on what she loves doing the most. The next step will be to switch off the mobile phone or leave it elsewhere while creating. Her favourite technique is classical canvas painting, as sometimes she prefers other techniques as drawing and nowadays, her most challenging technique, the printmaking. Intimately she wishes to try some sculpture projects too, but when she will find some more time for such kind of art. "I am still finding myself in art", Nives admits.

Nives has also another whish which was not known to many of us; she would like to create her own line of sports clothing, bringing together everything she is missing on the market. "I don't feel always at my best being in tight sport leggings and shirts as sometimes I simply don't want to wear the "typical women colours", like pink, purple and neon colours. I miss more cosy, wearable and comfortable clothes, maybe even more natural ones, with interesting printings, maybe a story ... I hope once I will have the opportunity to combine everything mentioned in my own clothing project. I would like to create a story about healthy lifestyle, wellbeing, creativity and natural authenticity". She would like to develop it side by side with her work as a personal trainer.

In the past Nives was involved in a variety of charity projects, never very exposed in the media. "Mass media nowadays are more interested in provocative, instant stories. I am still trying to understand and accept that. At the moment I'm not actively involved in any humanitarian project, because my past year was very busy, I also needed to put myself together after many things. Miss World alone was a big charity project (beside having a strongly expressed commercial and profit oriented part) and within the so called idea of 'Beauty with purpose' they are doing some amazing things. People can make fun out of the "World peace" and the Miss thing, but I think even the smallest help is worth respect. It's important that everybody contribute within his possibilities. I'm willing to help homeless people with small contributions, but I'm also being proud of bigger projects such involved in Canada."

A good planning, thinking twice about things are a must for Nives, before she executes any project. Concept of project has to have a firm base and this was the reason she was attracted by Wood Stock. "When I got my first pair of Wood Stock sunglasses I was astonished by the pleasant feel, natural materials and a designer look at the same time. Next I was dazzled by the team which, on one hand blew me off with their creativity and passion, and on the other hand with simplicity, positive energy and authenticity. Their concept about natural, unique and quality product will become a story of success", Nives says and admits that before sunglasses were just a mean for sun protection. Now Wood Stock wooden sunglasses are one of her favourite piece of wardrobe.

Nives is not one of those people with a firm plan for the next 10, 20 years. Her life is constantly changing and she likes it that way. At the moment she is focusing on her career, everything else will come at the right time.