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Yesterday was truly remarkable, special, exciting day – as we had the opportunity to present our story to the students of the Secondary School of Economics in Celje. The atmosphere was fantastic and the students simply wonderful.

The beginning of the day was marked by the preparation for the lecture and we had a lump in our belly in the morning. We decided to keep our presentation as simple as possible, without boredom and classic speeches. We probably all know that practice is completely different from theory, so we wanted to emphasize that entrepreneurship is not easy, but the fact is that if you work with your heart (and of course you work hard) you can indeed succeed. So if you believe in yourself and your product / service and are strong enough, you will succeed. Maybe not immediately, not even the first year, but the effort pays off over time.

So we gathered the courage, went into the packed full lecture room, introduced ourselves, and there was no more stage freight all of a sudden. The nostalgic moments from the past that we and the students relive still bring a smile to our faces: from the very idea of ​​glasses, the first decisive moment when the Wood Stock brand was introduced to the general public when Nina Pushlar became the first Wood Stock ambassador, to collaborations with BMW, LS2, Nina Susnjara, Petja Zorec and others. We described the challenges we faced and the major mistakes we made along the way (which would definitely be rarer with the right education). We remembered all the sleepless nights, the giving up, the renunciation, the hard work, the sweet successes that gave us the motivation and faith to continue working.

Now, after 8 years, we are beyond proud of our creation – Wood Stock glasses, thankful for those people who stood by us from the very beginning and for all the challenges we had gone through because we would not be where we are without them.

Finally, from our side – the thought to all young, overbearing, the curious and inquisitive: be bold, reach for the stars, realize your ideas, and above all, do not let others to influence how to live your life.