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On 17th and 18th of October, we attended the famous Golden Drum International Festival of Creativity, which was taking place in coastal Portorož.

The event is a meeting point for European creativity; however – for Slovenian creators – it allows comparison with international competition. The consequence of this is reflected in the larger Slovene recognition and competitiveness in international markets. The venue was packed full, since the festival has long gone beyond the borders of Slovenia (intended from the very beginning), with as many as 196 different agencies from 28 countries applying. The program was exceptionally rich and varied and full of all the ideas and creativeness which was floating around the event for those two days, which was very much felt through positivity and energy of all participants. 

The Wood Stock brand also introduced their work and collection, and we did quite interesting and slightly different campaign called Man Mirror with a positive back feed. The goal of the campaign was to raise people’s awareness about the importance of nature. Given the high profile of the event, we thought this was an ideal opportunity because of high numbers of creatives have been gathered, who see the world more broadly and can actually help with the innovative solutions and steps into a more ecological future. The response was above expectations as we gained more opinions and comments than we expected. However, the Man Mirror campaign with the Golden Drum is not over yet and will last until next summer, where we will  be keep gathering your ideas and thoughts about how can you help towards a brighter future. So, if any of you get inspired with an interesting idea, then don’t be shy to pass it forward to us… maybe we can make real changes and some differences with combine strength.