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Walnut and walnut root

The walnut tree has a medium hard, tough and flexible wood that can be very well processed. It’s elastic, durable, smooth and simply beautiful. Colour spectre ranges from white gray to various brown samples with the possibility of darker streaks. Most valuable and therefore expensive part of this wood is its root, that lays just under the surface of the ground, and is used to produce the most valuable products with extremely high value. Walnut symbolises abundance, strong will, vitality and fertility throughout history and in Slovene tradition guarding us from accidents.

Makassar ebony

Trees of this type grow in Indonesia and have a very warm character. The colours of this wood are extremely varied – the base colour is black, and the name is added to the characteristic light brown to purple stripes, which give the product an extravagant and luxurious look. Makassar ebony embodies strength, protection and delivers positive energy when needed.

We produce eyewear from solid timber and not veneer. In this way, we produce better quality eyewear and unique look. Aware of the importance of eye health we  guarantee lenses with Polaroid, antireflecting coating and UV protection. We collaborate with Alcom d.o.o.

Wood is protected with  Beeswax and citrus oil.