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Wood: Hemp

Lenses: Gray, Polaroid, Opal ultra inside, UV protection, 75% dimmed

Frame width: 150 mm

Frame height at its widest point: 55 mm

Temples size: 125 mm, 130 mm, 135 mm, 140 mm



We deeply respect Nature which is our inspiration and motivation. We speak in favor of using natural materials that are health friendly. Sustainable use of wood and other natural materials is our contribution to nature conservation.

Our workshop is and will always remain the heart of Wood Stock. We promise to remain a boutique company living and handcrafting in accordance with the standards of mastery and individual approach, giving our products a soul.

We share love for wood, esthetics and hand skills obtaining inspiration from Nature and its beauties. We put all our heart and soul in everything we do and make. Genuine moments of happiness coming from the eyes of our satisfied customers, make our day.

We swear by the manual production, quality materials and a chosen design. Dedicated we concentrate on details and unique shapes. Breathing in a soul we devote our love and attention to every frame.

All our glasses are made of handcrafted wood being unique from the very start. From the idea to design and manual production, it is all made in-house. The process of making glasses on its own lasts from 8 hours up to a few days depending on the material and design.

We use a specific technique of manual production. Frames made in that way are flexible and durable but at the same time thin and stylish.

Our eyewear has a wooden component used in the manufacture of wooden planes. With the usage of this component we achieved exceptional lightness.

The specific way of production also allows us to shape the frames in the way that can fit perfectly. We apply spring hinges which achieves a minimum pressure from eyewear temples to the head causing a sense of lightness and freedom. Such ergonomics is significant in the everyday wearing. It is important that allows normal head movements without fear that the eyewear will felt down.

We produce eyewear from solid timber and not veneer. In this way, we produce better quality eyewear and unique look. Aware of the importance of eye health we  guarantee lenses with Polaroid, antireflecting coating and UV protection. We collaborate with Alcom d.o.o.

Wood is protected with  Beeswax and citrus oil.