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I became a part of story Wood stock in 2012. It’s remarkable to look back and get this perspective on how this choice really changed my life and changed myself.
I met Jaka in 2011, he came across as a man full of ideas, not to mention he was very handsome. I remember how he talked about his passion and setting new goals in his life, about his passion for shades inspired by nature. I was blown away.
After initial getting to know each other we officially started to date, spending more and more time together and creating our very own way of being and living.
Before Wood Stock became my life as well, l was a typical city girl in every aspect of that word.
And looking back, there isn’t a single shred of that girl in my being now, very much the opposite. Now l can see all the magic nature has to offer and treasure nature beyond words. I can feel mother nature more than ever. I am Nature.
In 2013 we’ve gotten married and in the same year decided to create our first company. I also went back to school to become Optician. With this new gathered knowledge, l have a much wider perspective on our business and to fully advice our customers. I know everything about our lenses and my husband is creating and taking care of frames.
He is truly my biggest teacher. I am forever grateful for this opportunity and that he put this trust in me. I am thankful for him seeing the potential in me.
And now we are a strong team, filling our lives with love, creativity and passion. This is truly the best way of living. Through all this years l really became Mrs.Wood Stock in all forms. And it is appropriate that we introduce us both. Mr.Wood Stock& Mrs.Wood Stock. Master Craftsman & Optician.  Jaka & Tamara Jančič. Husband & Wife.