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The past days in Slovenia gone by in the spirit of something we call the week of a child. And it’s a really good way to honor them children. They are our greatest treasure; they are the ones who will build a new world, new bridges and a new future. That’s why it is even more important for them to find happiness and peace in themselves, because in that manner they will grow into mature, confident individuals who will be able to realize their dreams and shape their destiny much more comfortable.

This year’s topic of the week of the child is child rights, and this time we decided to focus on one right specially – the right to be creative and create.

Who has more imagination than a child? Children know no boundaries, are open minded, and are looking for the most unusual ideas to solve problems. They are not interested in the timeframes, finances, and all those “little things” that we, the adults, deal with. Things are seen as simplistic and innocent. And because they do not perceive all the constraints, creative thinking is also encouraged in them. And, when parents encourage their adherents to such an opinion, it stays in them even as they grow up.

I know a boy who had an extraordinary imagination, liked to create and was extremely curious. He had a whole range of different talents; he constantly had a bunch of questions for everyone who came by and kept imagining and innovating new things. When he was growing up, he embarked on unusual projects, even though the surrounding environment may not have understood it. But he didn’t give up… he knew he could do it regardless of the mindset of the others, regardless of the boundaries that were set. And now … now he creates and designs some of the best wooden eyeglasses. Yes, there is still a child in our Jaka who’s full of imagination and hope.

So let’s get the kids involved in new things. Let us support them – and it may happen that we will be incredibly proud of them because of it. And they will be grateful to us.