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Very few people know the story of Easter Island. It is one of the most tragic stories in history. In fact, the islanders were one of the most advanced civilizations of the time, and they lived on an island full of natural resources, rich in flora and fauna. At the height of their power, they set up tens of tons of heavy and well-known ten-foot-tall giant stone statues that still fuel their imagination. To be able to achieve this, they chopped down tree after tree, palm after palm. Thus, by exterminating the forest, the islanders drove away land birds, the number of other animals began to fall dramatically, and famine prevailed. Soon the time came when they cut down the last tree, and their greatness became merely a bad memory, since they had no resources either for food or for making canoes to sail with them to the open sea. And so, one of the greatest civilizations has reached its end very sadly. Creepy, no?

Today, we humans have a similar dilemma to the Easter Islanders when they still had enough trees to sustain the island’s overgrowth and avoid environmental catastrophes with a changed lifestyle.

Earth’s lungs, the Amazon forest is still burning. Initially, the global public was appalled, but this is clearly outdated news now, as writing about it is no longer “in” the trend. It’s just the trees, just the oxygen we breathe, just our biosphere. Ignorance at its best.

Of course, we can not necessary throw everything in the same bin. There are quite few bright exceptions that give me hope that we may have time for a change. People began to be alert, aware, and confidently transfer their voice to the world. And some of these people run businesses that transmit this ideology to their employees, customers, and the environment in which they operate – to take care of our children.

We also strive for this ideology. In addition to environmental awareness, Wood Stock chooses only certified timber that is traceable, plantation-grown, goggles are boutique – quality and not mass-produced for the so-called. “Single use”. We have also decided to spend 5% of Parrots Poetry eyeware in collaboration with Benedetti Life to conserve rainforest in the Amazonian tribe that has lived in the area for millennia.

In the end, I might just point out a quote that really makes you think: “Imagine a tree emitting a wifi signal. All of a sudden, they would be planted enormously, while also protecting our planet. It’s a shame they only produce the oxygen we breathe. “