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It is a great hounour, that we can introduce ourselves at Cannes Yacht Festival in France. This time we are presenting part of our collection in collaboration with established slovenian brand Home Yacht.

From the very beginning Cannes Yacht festival is know as one of the most prestige festival of a kind in Europe. This year 80 biggest brands in this brange are introduced and you only need a glance to tell, that this events in so inspeiring. The exhibitors compete with each other, who will show the most sophisticated, luxurious and unique creation and the sense of prestige is really at its peak. There is no place for minimalism, simplicity, or average at all. It is a luxury of the highest standard, and visitors stroll with great admiration among these water giants. Part of the festival is dedicated to luxury gallery called LIFESTYLE AND YACHTING, the space itself is located inside the Palais des Festivals and is distinguished by its extremely elegant scenery, and top brands are able to present themselves to the most demanding visitors and professionals. So you can see the most prestigious jewelry, watches and other accessories, sophisticated furniture, where prices go sky, artwork, high-tech products and, last but not least, spirits in bottles that you don’t even dare to touch, when you see the price. So to put it in one word – LUXURY.