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First thing that people notice about you is your face – wouldn’t you want them seeing something astonishing and unique?

Imagine that you would have a choice of picking the glasses frame – that isn’t just generic, but it’s hand made especially for you, very light and comfortable to wear, made from materials that are environmental friendly and high quality and with lenses that are providing the best protection for your eyes.

Well made wooden frames are speaking volumes by itself and because they are custom made, you’ll forget that you’re even wearing them because of the lightness, comfort, warmth and softness of the wood. Your face will be portraying a message that you are valuing comfort, practicality and quality, and at the same time a fresh unique style.

Glasses like this won’t compliment just your style, they will also make sure that you’re standing out of the crowd and make you very visible with its uniqueness.

And we must not forget one more important aspect of it – the environmental note of these frames. Wood is biodegradable natural source, and the producer is making sure of it’s tracking, sustainability and origins. And even tho you may think that your discarded plastic glasses won’t make any difference on a massive pile of rubbish, you must realize that you too are just one drop on a massive scale where this little piece will be degrading for thousands of years.

Be different, be yourself, give a chance to your imagination and don’t limit your options on the things that are already in existence, but dare to discover the things that are not yet there, but will be yours, unique and exclusive.