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Probably every single one of us can identify themselves with freeing feeling of lightness when we enter the woods out in the nature, when we relax, breathe and putting the worries that are filling our minds behind you. Mother Nature has so many paths and trails to disconnect from busy lives that we forget to be grateful very easily.

We are working with wood years in and out, in all those years we came to learn how unimaginable valuable source it is – and we are not appreciating it enough. Numerous companies are creating their products from vulnerable and endangered sorts of trees and in majority cases for items that we’re using just for a very short period of time. And consequently wiping away ancient forests, natural heritage of mother Earth. So we came across this idea – that there is a possibility of making the eyeware from interesting and completely ecological alternative – hemp.

Industrial hemp is environmentally beneficial and renewable source, which can be grown almost anywhere in this world, in soil that is not the prime quality, without any pesticides. It is very durable and in comparison to wood more accessible because of its quick growth and doesn’t deplete but nourishes the soil.

And that’s how a new creation of the eyewear was born – Wood Stock Hemp. We almost can’t hide our enthusiasm about it – especially because this range is one of its kind – first in the world produced from 100% unprocessed hemp. 

And why are these eyewear glasses so special?

They are made from hand selected parts of local hemp that is unprocessed and kept in original form which makes these glasses so unique. They are lightweight and extremely durable , which puts them in the very top quality wise. The basic component of the glasses is made from inner part of the hemp trunk but the outer part of the glasses is made from hemps upper layers (skin on the trunk) which makes the colors range from beige to brown and beautiful shades of green. These various color specters are making every single piece of eyeware truly unique telling its own story through their amazing shades of colors.

Wood Stock Hemp is a limited edition – meaning that in this year there will be just 10 items of genuine hemp glasses made and 20 items in combination of hemp and wood. We are hoping that these glasses will open new perspectives for you as well and that you will be able to share your own unique story together with us.